Saturday, June 23, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge--Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

Hi beauties! Today's theme is 'inspired by a movie.' I watch tons of movies so I actually didn't have any trouble with inspiration like the other 'inspired' days. Plus my new 2012 Bundle Monster plates arrived yesterday and it had perfect images I could use so that made today even easier. The movie I used as my inspiration is Mean Girls. It's the movie that invented Pink Wednesdays for nails so I'm hoping most of you have seen the movie. Ok so here's what I used: (index) Zoya Shelby stamped with BM 223 in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Presto Pink, then stamped using BM 307 in Konad Black / (middle) China Glaze Sugar High stamped using BM 303 in Konad Red / (ring) Zoya Shay with rhinestones / (pinky) Zoya Shelby stamped using BM 221 in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Presto Pink, then stamped using BM 213 in Konad Black. Sorry for the long list, here are the pics!


  1. haha I love this movie! perfect interpretation!

  2. Omg I love I didn't even need to read your description of the manicure to know that this Mean Girls. That K looks great! Hahahaa!!! "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" LOL!

  3. OMG too funny!!!!!
    and i love the shoe pattern over the leopard, nice idea

  4. LOVE! I really love the double stamping too.


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