Saturday, July 7, 2012

MASH Nails Matte Top Coat Review

Happy Saturday! Today I have a matte top coat from MASH Nails to show you. I haven't often used matte polish because it doesn't last as long as a shiny manicure for me, but this one faired very well! I tried it over my Hello Kitty mani and then also tried stamping over it in black for a subtle look. I wore each one for a whole day, was pretty rough on them, and had no chipping, only minimal tip wear. This matte topcoat makes any polish, even with a shiny topcoat, flat and gives it a slight sheen. Having a matte topcoat is way cheaper than buying a bunch of different matte polishes on their own, plus it's nice for anyone who wants a change from the common shiny topcoat or create an edgy monochrome look with stamping.

Here is my Hello Kitty mani with a regular shiny topcoat...

...and here it is with MASH nails matte topcoat. 

Regular black polish with MASH matte topcoat.

Matte stamped in MASH Black stamping polish using MASH 41. 

I didn't use any topcoat on this after stamping because it will make everything shiny and the image will fade away.

This polish was really easy to use and it works right away. If you decide to use it over a stamped image like what I did over Hello Kitty, make sure you use a regular topcoat first. I tried doing a new stamping mani with the MASH matte topcoat and the image smeared like crazy. 

MASH Matte Top Coat is available at for $7.99 and right now there's free shipping (for a limited time).

***This product was sent for review***


  1. I love them both, the hello kitty is so cute!

    1. I am seriously getting addicted to stamping! Time to get into the Game! : )

    2. @Nailtopia Thanks! I agree =]

      @Erin Does Nails: Uh oh! Lol yes it's very addicting, but at least it's a healthy addiction =]

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome. Do you have this one too already?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Yes she is too cute not to like =]

  4. I love how you use mat and shiny polish on one nail, beautiful effect!

  5. Love the hello kitty!! which plate do you use??

  6. What is stamping? And, where do I get this hello kitty stamp?


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