Friday, January 11, 2013

Born Pretty Store--Hello Kitty QA12 Stamping Plate Review

Happy Friday! Today I have a Hello Kitty stamping plate from Born Pretty Store to show you today. I was really excited to try this out and I am very happy with how well it works! I used 5 different images from this plate to test it out. I used China Glaze Escaping Reality and stamped using QA12 in Konad White. In case you were wondering, I used my Konad stamper and scraper to test out this image plate. I also added an extra watermark today because the Hello Kitty mani I did last summer is my most stolen photo ever!

Isn't this just adorable?! All of the images came out perfectly and I had no issues with getting the image to pick up or to stamp onto my nails. Hello Kitty's face on my ring finger is a tiny bit wide, but there were no issues with the quality of the plate at all. There are several different images to choose from on this one plate so you will be able to create several different manis out of it.

This plate is available here for $2.99 and you can use my code: NV7X31 for 10% off your entire purchase.

***Product provided for honest review***


  1. So stinking cute! Love the pink! :)

  2. This plate came in the mail for me yesterday! Now I can't wait to try it!
    So cute!

  3. Hello Kitty!! This is perfect! pink + white + Hello Kitty = perfect <3


  4. So after seeing your post today I decided to give my new plates a go and I couldn't really pick up the images from the plate very well. Do you have any tips? I don't really have any problems when I use Konad plates. I'm not the best stamper and I know these aren't the *best* quality ever lol but do you have any tips for picking up the image on the stamper? :) Oh and I was using polishes that usually work well for stamping.

  5. I just LOVE this! You can't go wrong with Hello Kitty and bright pink!!

  6. LOVE the Pink Polish, I'm soo going to have to find it on ebay

    Love the stamping you did, I still haven't quite got the nack for it yet :D

  7. It's really cute. I like all of your nails. You made a cute mani of it.


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