Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OMG Nail Strips Review

Goodmorning! Today I have OMG Nail Strips to review. OMG Nail Strips are made out of real nail polish and don't require any heat to apply them. 

Each package comes with 2 sheets of 7 different sized nail polish strips.

Here's the instructions that come on the back of the package.

Here's my 1st attempt with the nail strips. I followed all of the instructions. I did end up trimming some of the strips because they are quite large compared to other nail strips I have used in the past. I used Seche Vite Quick Drying Top Coat as I always do with my manicures, and the polish strip disintegrated. At first I didn't realize it and thought I got some garbage on my nail, so I went for a 2nd coat on my middle finger and finally realized what happened.

After realizing the strip was made out of nail polish, I removed the first set and tried again with this 2nd set. Instead of trimming the polish strips, I used a clean up brush with polish remover to fit them to size perfectly. I also did an extra, optional, but recommended step and used polish remover on a cotton ball to go over each nail a few times to allow them to adhere better to the nail. In addition, instead of Seche Vite, I used the only other topcoat I own--Konad Top Coat. Results were better, but the strip looked bubbly and not shiny. I felt like I was wearing stickers and not nail polish. 

I ended up doing a full mani to test these out for a few days.

Be careful if you decide to run polish remover over the nail for better adherence to the nail, you might end up removing some of the strip like I did on my thumb. 

Here's what it looked like after 3 days. Tip wear was not great and if you click to enlarge, each nail with the polish strip shows large cracks. 
Minimal tip wear on the corner of my nail with regular nail polish.

Here's my other hand after 3 days. Again, poor tip wear and cracking shown with the polish strips and minimal tip wear with regular polish.

Overall, I was not pleased with the OMG Nail Strips. They're so large that I had to end up using the same size on my ring and pointer finger so that means I run out of that size before I can even get to the other hand, making it difficult to do a full manicure. Also cutting them down to size disrupts the shape of the strip. After I cut mine, I found it difficult to align with my nail bed. The polish strips also don't seem to work well with both of the topcoats I used as one disintegrated and one appeared bubbly and dull. Wear was not great after just 3 days. If you have larger nail beds and have a topcoat that works, you may have a better experience than I did. You can purchase these polish strips here for $6.89. You can also purchase 4 sets for $20 with coupon code “4pack” and 10 sets for $45 with coupon code “10pack.”

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  1. omg indeed :( so far the Sally hansen ones were the best for me, have you tried them?


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