Sunday, November 10, 2013

Born Pretty Store--Silicone Nail Stamp Printing Template Review

Hey polish addicts! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Today I have a different type of stamping tool from Born Pretty Store to review. It's a round silicone template with images imprinted on it. You put polish over your desired image, gently roll the excess on paper, and then stamp it onto your nail. This was my first time using this method of nail stamping.

Here's what the template looks like.

Here you can see the size of the image. 1.0 cm. This is tiny! 

Here's a larger image and it's still only 1.2 cm long. 

I tried out 4 images from the template. The images transferred okay, but there is still excess polish that transferred along with it. When I wiped the excess on a piece of paper, I did it until no more excess wiped off. In order to get any more polish off, I would've had to use an orange stick which is very impractical because the polish would probably dry in the process. The images are way toO small, excess polish gets transferred, and storage would also be impractical as the whole piece is about 1.1 cm thick. I'm going to stick to stamping plates for crisp image transfers, larger image sizes, and practical size for storage. You can purchase this item here for $1.99. Get 10% off your purchase with code "NV7X31."


  1. Ouch! THanks you for your honest review

  2. glad to see the honesty - i never quite grasped the concept of these, and now i can put any thought of trying them to rest. they seem way too complicated when a plate works perfectly.


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