Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Haul

I'm sure by now most of you who follow my blog remember me posting pics of a super cheap nail polish store that's fairly close to where I live called U.S. Nails Supply. Anyways, my husband came with me to the store for the first time and lucky for me, he bought me everything I wanted =] I tried not to get the whole store. Here are my new babies:

Cuticle Oil and O.P.I. And This Little Piggy

Purple Panic (neon), Pink Voltage (neon), Sugar High, High Hopes

Grape... Set... Match, Servin' Up Sparkle, Your Royal Shine-ness (from the Serena Williams Collection)

Rally Pink, Red Shatter, Navy Shatter

It's My Year, Swimsuit... Nailed it!, Congeniality is My Middle Name, Crown Me Already (Miss Universe Collection)

Come to Poppy, Be a Dahlia Won't You, I Lily Love You (Nice Stems Collection. I didn't buy Play the Peonies bc I don't like nude colors)

And the new China Glaze Metro Collection!

Urban-Night, Loft-y Ambitions, Traffic Jam, City Siren

Trendsetter, Westside Warrior, Street Chic, Brownstone

CG In the City, Skyscraper, Midtown Magic, Concrete Catwalk

Some of the stuff I got looks kinda random. It's probably because I got some polishes to try to complete collections I haven't finished getting yet like CG Up in the Air Collection, all of the O.P.I. Serena Williams polishes, and every O.P.I. shatter color and so forth. Boo on having OCD. Anyways, I know what I'll be doing on my days off for the next couple weeks! Stay tuned for swatches ;]


  1. Let me know how you like that cuticle oil! I always glace at it when I go to the store.

  2. ooh chiiiiild you picked the right husband

  3. Your hubby sounds like a sweet guy :). Its nice when they support / accept our polish passion. Great haul :)

  4. I'm in love with the metro collection. Swatches please :)

  5. Another haul from U.S. Nails Supply, way to make me jealous!! I love everything you brought, especially I Lily Love You, you have a pretty great husband!

  6. Thanks everyone! Lol yea my husband is pretty awesome.

    @Yasmin: This is my first time ever buying any cuticle product. So far I'm having trouble remembering to use it lol. I'll let you know though.

    @Stephanie: Swatches will be up tomorrow! Just finished swatching them all today ;]


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