Monday, May 14, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Swatches

Hi readers! Today I have some new polish duos from Pure Ice called Vinyl Remix. It puts an interesting twist on crackle polish! Each duo comes with a white 'Platinum Magic Base Coat' and a 'Vinyl Remix' crackle that not only crackles, but makes the white base change into a certain color. The four Vinyl Remix colors I received are Rave (orange), Emcee Me (yellow), Vintage Remix (purple), and DJ Spinner (green). Let's take a look at the magic.

First, start off with a the white Platinum Magic Base Coat. 

Next, use the Vinyl Remix polishes and watch the white base change colors! You can see some squiggly designs on my middle finger because part of the whole idea is 'Art in Motion'

Here's another combination I tried using Rave and DJ Spinner. More squigglies!

These polishes were pretty fun to use. It's the first time I've ever watched nail polish change colors before my eyes so that was cool to see. There are really so many possibilities that can be created with different colors and patterns that make these polishes very versatile for different looks. The only thing that was a little annoying was that when I tried to create patterns with the Vinyl Remix polishes, it would get on the sides of my fingers and create extra clean up. Of course you don't have to create patterns, but I was trying the go with the 'Art in Motion' idea and try it out. This is a great alternative to painting your nails several different base colors before applying a crackle polish because the magic will do the work for you. It's fun, easy to use, and allows for creativity. These polishes will be available at Wal-Mart this month. You can see a video tutorial or other colors here on the Pure Ice website. 

***This product was sent for review***


  1. I think these are so cool! I really need to get some!

  2. That is cool!! I've never seen something like this before! I wonder what's the magic behind the change of colors?

  3. wowza this is awesome. I'm grabbing these as soon as they hit Walmart!!

  4. This is totally cool. I know it is kinda gimmicky but I need these. All of them. LOL.

  5. I am so intrigued by this! Lol. Very cool, and great post. I like that you tried some different patterns :)


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