Monday, August 6, 2012

A England Perceval Swatch

Hi pretties! I bought my first A England polishes last month when The Mythicals were on sale. I got Perceval, Tristam, and Lady of the Lake. Immediately after I placed my order, I decided to go all out and I placed an order on Ninja Polish for St. George, Dragon, and Princess Sabra. Why prolong the inevitable right? Lol I'm eventually going to want need them! Anyways, I decided to use A England Perceval first and since I couldn't bare to stamp over it, so here it is on its own. What a beauty!


  1. I got this polish in the sale as well, and I can't wait to wear it after having seen these pics. It's gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks! So happy I got it and good thing you ordered it =]


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