Saturday, November 22, 2014

Madam Glam Gel Polish--Review

Good morning lacqueristas! I have a couple of posts lined up this week for you. I'm off of work and school all next week so I have a bit of extra time to play with my nails! 

Today I have a review of Madam Glam Soak-Off Gel Polish. I was contacted a few weeks ago by Laura of Madam Glam to see if I would be interested in reviewing their new gel line. I was hesitant since I've only had one previous experience using gel polish last year and I didn't really care for it, but since I have a full-time job now and I only change my polish once a week, I decided to try gel again--and I'm so glad I did! 

I was sent a Base Coat Gel, Gel Polish in #3 Blood Orange, and Top Coat Gel. I applied the base, cured, color, cured, another coat of color, cured, stamped (optional), topcoated, cured, and then removed the tacky layer with alcohol. I couldn't bear to wear the polish without art, so I stamped using MoYou London Artist 09 in Mundo de Uñas 17. Here's how it turned out!

The polish name isn't on the bottle, but there is a color swatch on top of the cap that is true to color.

I wore the polish for 10 days without any chipping and no tip wear. I could have easily got another week or more out of this mani, but 10 days was already a long time for me without changing up my nails. After 10 days, it still looked as shiny as the day I applied it! My nail art started rubbing off a bit on my index nail, but I read up a bit on stamping over gel since then and others recommend doing 2 coats of top coat over stamping. Here it is at 10 days:

I soaked my gel off using the foil method for 10 minutes and removal was pretty easy. Of course it takes longer than removing regular nail polish, which I need to get used to, but my nails weren't damaged at all and it's totally worth the amount of wear you can get out of one manicure. 

So my final thoughts? I was impressed and pleasantly surprised. I received so many compliments on my nails for the time I wore this mani. Application was easy, wear couldn't have been better, and removal was easy. You can purchase Madam Glam Soak-Off Gel Polish here for $19.95 each and get 30% off using coupon code YGEL30OFF. Don't be surprised if you start seeing a lot more gel polish from me! 


  1. wow, looks gorgeous!

  2. Whoa. That looks so awesome! Love the color and I'm glad it turned out for you. I may look into that..


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