Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bundle Monster Contest Fail

So Bundle Monster is releasing a 2nd set of nail plates on April 25th and they had a nail contest for people to have a chance to win this new set. Anyways, I totally missed the deadline. I did my nails and took pics, but just didn't get a chance to submit them because I thought the deadline was P.M. not A.M. time. I used BM 16, stamped with Konad special polish Black, and dotted with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Fuchsia Power. Not crazy about this mani. It was my first time using BM and the images don't pick up as well as the Konad plates I'm used to. Stamping each nail twice also kinda sucked, but thier upcoming full nail designs are larger! YAY!


  1. This is so pretty - esp. with the pink dots!

  2. Aww thanks! Haha it's nice to know someone else likes my nail art even when I don't =P

  3. this is nice - better than my stamping. i'm also slightly jealous that someone comments on your second blog post


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