Friday, December 20, 2013

ILNP Molly & MoYou London Festive 04 XL

Good morning sunshines! I have another holiday manicure to show you! This time I used a MoYou London plate to do some sweater nails. The awesome thing is that I even have this plate. When I had placed an order back in October it was out of stock. It was the start of a domino effect of hiccups that happened with my order, but when I finally got my package in early December, I ended up getting this plate for free which I was not expecting and overjoyed about! Here's I Love Nail Polish Molly stamped using MoYou London Festive 04 XL in Konad White. This was the manicure I was wearing when my nail broke so my nails are much shorter now. At least I got to use an XL design before the break.

I got I Love Nail Polish Molly in a blogger package. ILNP brand is an indie brand that launched in 2012 and makes boutique nail lacquer. I remember when Barbra first opened shop she specialized in glitter bombs and her brand has really grown and now she specializes in miltichromes and holographic polishes as well. I'll do a full review of the polishes later because I got 8, but this polish is sooo gorgeous. It's a magenta linear holographic polish and I only used 2 coats. It had an amazing buttery formula and great pigmentation and coverage. I can't wait to use the rest. You can purchase ILNP here from Barbra's online shop.

Lastly, I'm going to my very first "San Jose Nail Girls Meet Up" tomorrow. I went to the "Eyes on Indies" nail party before, but not to a meet up to go shopping. A handful of nail girls from Instagram will meet up and have lunch and go nail polish shopping at a few awesome beauty supply stores. How fun is that? It's cool seeing how the nail polish community is no longer just an online thing and tons of girls are meeting up across the world. I have seen pics of girls having meet up in Los Angeles, Texas, Sacramento, Hawaii, many other places in the US, but even in the UK! Anyways, I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Here's Molly by herself <3 Almost too beautiful to stamp over!


  1. Molly looks amazing, I can't wait to try that polish myself :)

  2. Eiee, I missed that Moyou stamp and you're making me lust for it even more. Great combination here and wow, that's such a great stamping job!

  3. These are so pretty. I cant wait to get my hands on Moyou plates :)


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