Thursday, December 5, 2013

Laquerlicious Christmas Collection--Swatches & Review

Hi my polished pretties! Michelle of Laquerlicious sent me her Christmas and New Year's collections to swatch and I have a ton of glitter to show you today! I think I'll go ahead and show you the Christmas collection today and show you the New Year's collection tomorrow. Laquerlicious--without a c--is an indie brand that specializes in glitter bombs. The Christmas collection consists of 6 glittery polishes: 3 with colored bases that build up to opacity on their own and 3 glitter toppers.

Naughty List--3 coats. Thick formula, but no application issues. 

Lead the Way Rudolph!--2 coats. Smooth formula. 

Mistletoe Kisses--3 coats. Applied easily. 

Twinkling Lights--1 coat over a black base. Got a little carried away on my ring finger, but I think next time I'll use this over a silver base since it's pretty dense. 

Crazy Christmas--1 coat over a white base. This one required fishing for the big glitters. 

A Letter From Santa--1 coat over a pink base. This one also required some fishing for the big glitters. I love how this combination turned out.

I thought these glitters were really cute and fit the Christmas theme perfectly. I didn't mind fishing for glitter because that's expected with big glitters like these, but the smell was very strong and gave me a headache. You can purchase these from Laquerlicious's online shop here. You can also check out Laquerlicious's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  


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