Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 2014 with MoYou London Festive 05 XL

Happy (almost) New Year! Quick post because I'm going to Bass Lake this evening and I still have so much to do! At least I got my New Year's mani done though right? Lol. Here's China Glaze Liquid Leather stamped using MoYou London Festive 05 XL in Color Club Eternal Beauty, Color Club Miss Bliss, Color Club Over the Moon, Konad Sky Pearl, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lively Lilac, and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Presto Pink. I really love how these turned out, but I wish the purple "New" was just a tad more opaque over black. On the bright side, I just got an email notification that I won Manicurator's China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze Giveaway! Super happy because I liked them, but I didn't buy them and was hoping to win them in one of the giveaways going on. Lucky me! Hope everyone had a wonderful year and here's to the New Year--cheers!


  1. Happy new year dear! love this mani! <3

  2. These look great, I wish I would have had the time opr skills to try out something like this for the New Years Eve... :) Looking so nice!


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