Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mint Green with Silver Polka Dots

Happy Mother's Day! Today I have a mani from last month and this one has a little story to it. I did this mani on Easter even though I already did an Easter themed manicure for my blog. I used a pastel color since I was still in the Easter spirit. During the week that I wore this, I found out the night before that graduation pictures were the next day. I didn't have time to change it up, so now this is the mani in my graduation photos. I wish I knew ahead of time, but in the end I guess it's not a terrible thing. I'm happy I actually had my nails painted and used gel so it my polish didn't have any chips.

I used OPI GelColor That's Hula-rious and stamped using Konad M79 in Mundo de Unas Silver.

Here's my grad pic with this mani! I just have one more paper to turn in and in 2 weeks I'll officially be done with school! Yay!


  1. Hey at least they weren't St. Patrick's nails or anything haha! Fabulous nails and pictures. Hooray for almost being done with school!

  2. Haha very true! Thanks Rei! <3


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