Thursday, August 29, 2013

Born Pretty Store--Stamping Polish Review

Hey loves! Today I have stamping polish from Born Pretty Store to review. Of course you know I love stamping so I was excited to try these polishes out. Their stamping polish set comes with 5 colors: black, white, red, yellow, and blue. I primarily use Konad polish to stamp with, so I created a couple manicures comparing polishes from both brands. Both manicures are shown with topcoat. Let's take a look at the results.

Here's the set of 5 polishes from BPS. The blue polish I got is a sky blue, whereas the one pictured on their website is a dark blue.

Here I used yellow and white from both brands. My index and ring finger are stamped with Konad polishes. The image came out opaque and crisp from my 1st attempt on each finger. I used Born Pretty polishes on my middle and pinky. What is on my middle finger is my 5th attempt and on my pinky is my 2nd attempt. The yellow is barely visible and the formula was thin. The white is opaque, however, it dried so fast and gave me issues when applying the stamp to my nail. When I would roll my stamper over my nail, the image just didn't want to adhere to my nail. 

(stamp is from PUEEN 28)

Here I stamped my index and ring finger with Konad polishes and the images came out opaque and crisp. I stamped my middle and pinky finger with BPS polishes and the results were mixed. The images transferred onto the nail well on the first attempt so there were no issues with application. The black polish actually worked quite nicely--crisp and opaque and remained that way even after topcoat. The red and blue on the other hand are faded and they became even more faded with topcoat. 

(image is from PUEEN 44)

The only polish that impressed me and that I would recommend is the black polish from Born Pretty. It is not as dark as Konad, but I would say it's a good alternative. I would say Born Pretty black special polish ranks just after Konad Black and MASH Black. I did not have any issues with streaking after topcoat and cleanup was a breeze. The white polish was very opaque which I was also impressed by, but it dried so fast that it gave me a lot of difficulty with application. The red, blue, and yellow are not opaque and I wouldn't use these to stamp. You can purchase the set of 5 stamping polishes here for $6.93. Get 10% off your entire order using my coupon code: NV7X31.


  1. Looks like only the black and the white are good, but maybe the rest of them will look better on light colors.
    Great test designs :) Really great review!

  2. I love this post; it is such a good comparison of how all the colors work (or not so much)

  3. great review & beautiful designs! : )

  4. This is incredibly useful, thank you for saving me from a(nother) useless purchase!


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