Friday, August 5, 2011

Rebecca Likes Cupcakes!

Today's beauty has no nail art on it because it's awesome on its own! It's a franken called Rebecca Likes Cupcakes. What a fitting name right? It looks like frosting with sprinkles! I won this one in Rebecca's 500 follower giveaway in June. I got it about 2 weeks ago, but it was totally worth the wait. I got lots of other goodies too.

My first international brand polishes. These are from Canada! How cool.

Rebecca Likes Cupcakes and CG Bad Kitty


  1. yayyyyyy!!! i'm so happy everything got there safe and sound.
    cupcakes looks great on you!! :)

  2. That shade is soooooooo pretty! What a great polish to win :-)

  3. The franken really does look like cupcakes!! super cute!

  4. Pretty I have a franked just like this! lol didn't even realize it!

  5. I love it! And Rebecca Likes Cupcakes is a great name for that franken! I wonder who came up with it... :P


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