Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 2014 with MoYou London Festive 05 XL

Happy (almost) New Year! Quick post because I'm going to Bass Lake this evening and I still have so much to do! At least I got my New Year's mani done though right? Lol. Here's China Glaze Liquid Leather stamped using MoYou London Festive 05 XL in Color Club Eternal Beauty, Color Club Miss Bliss, Color Club Over the Moon, Konad Sky Pearl, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lively Lilac, and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Presto Pink. I really love how these turned out, but I wish the purple "New" was just a tad more opaque over black. On the bright side, I just got an email notification that I won Manicurator's China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze Giveaway! Super happy because I liked them, but I didn't buy them and was hoping to win them in one of the giveaways going on. Lucky me! Hope everyone had a wonderful year and here's to the New Year--cheers!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Polished by KPT Being in the Pink & MoYou London Pro 14 XL

Hey friends! Sorry for the lack of posts since Christmas. I guess I just was in a funk last week and didn't really feel like doing anything including my nails. I even had one more holiday mani that I didn't post so I suppose I'll save it for next year. Don't worry, I'm feeling back to normal and I already have a few posts ready! I'm going out of town for New Year's Eve tomorrow night so I have to do my nails tomorrow morning and post them before I leave! Anyways, today I have something I haven't tried before--stamping over a thermal! I like this base because white shows up over both warm/cold colors. Other thermals I have I get paranoid if I stamp over it if the stamping color will show up over both. Now I actually want to try stamping over more thermals. This is Polished by KPT Being in the Pink stamped using MoYou London Pro 14 XL in Konad White. Check out the details of this stamp! I'm impressed.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Purple Presents for Christmas!

Merry Christmas my loves! Here's a mani I did last week and I wasn't sure if I was going to end up posting it or not. I got my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette last week at Ulta and I was inspired by the plastic bag I got. It's a white to purple gradient with purple and white snowflakes. Since I already used snowflakes for a different holiday design, I used presents! I did the gradient using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and China Glaze Tart-y for the Party and then stamped using MoYou London Happy Birthday 01 XL and 02 in Color Club Wild at Heart. Hope everyone had a wonderful day! 

Oh, and I got Clarins 230 aka unicorn pee for Christmas!!! I gave hubby his gift a little early last week and he LOVED it so hard that right away he said he wanted to get me unicorn pee. I told him a couple years ago that I really wanted it, but every time he offered I told him no it's okay because it was always around $100 and there was always something else I wanted instead. Well, I found a listing for about $68 and I had a $40 ebay gift certificate from my birthday last month and we got it for $28.50. Now THAT'S a steal. This is a super rare and discontinued polish that nail polish lovers drool over and I'm so happy she's mine now =]

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Peppermint Swirl Nails

Merry Christmas Eve! I've been so busy this past week that I haven't had a chance to even edit the rest of the holiday manis I've been working on. Here's one I've been wearing the past few days and I love it! Here's China Glaze With Love stamped using MoYou London Festive 03 XL in Konad White. The red glitter is China Glaze Ring in the Red layered over China Glaze With Love. I have a couple more holiday manis to show you this week and then I'll move on to New Years nail art. Hope you aren't sick of Christmas themed nails just yet!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pink & Black Snowflakes with Bundle Monster BM-H02

Happy weekend! Today is the nail meet up for San Jose Nail Girls and I wanted to do something fun and bright, but still holiday themed. I decided to do a pink and black snowflake mani! I really like how this turned out. Here's OPI Pink Friday stamped using Bundle Monster BM-H02 in Konad Black and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Presto Pink. The glittery black polish is OPI Metallic 4 Life. After I took pics, I added a glitter in the center of the black snowflake and it really completes the look, but I didn't feel like taking pics again. Well, off to get dressed and ready for some serious nail polish shopping!

Friday, December 20, 2013

ILNP Molly & MoYou London Festive 04 XL

Good morning sunshines! I have another holiday manicure to show you! This time I used a MoYou London plate to do some sweater nails. The awesome thing is that I even have this plate. When I had placed an order back in October it was out of stock. It was the start of a domino effect of hiccups that happened with my order, but when I finally got my package in early December, I ended up getting this plate for free which I was not expecting and overjoyed about! Here's I Love Nail Polish Molly stamped using MoYou London Festive 04 XL in Konad White. This was the manicure I was wearing when my nail broke so my nails are much shorter now. At least I got to use an XL design before the break.

I got I Love Nail Polish Molly in a blogger package. ILNP brand is an indie brand that launched in 2012 and makes boutique nail lacquer. I remember when Barbra first opened shop she specialized in glitter bombs and her brand has really grown and now she specializes in miltichromes and holographic polishes as well. I'll do a full review of the polishes later because I got 8, but this polish is sooo gorgeous. It's a magenta linear holographic polish and I only used 2 coats. It had an amazing buttery formula and great pigmentation and coverage. I can't wait to use the rest. You can purchase ILNP here from Barbra's online shop.

Lastly, I'm going to my very first "San Jose Nail Girls Meet Up" tomorrow. I went to the "Eyes on Indies" nail party before, but not to a meet up to go shopping. A handful of nail girls from Instagram will meet up and have lunch and go nail polish shopping at a few awesome beauty supply stores. How fun is that? It's cool seeing how the nail polish community is no longer just an online thing and tons of girls are meeting up across the world. I have seen pics of girls having meet up in Los Angeles, Texas, Sacramento, Hawaii, many other places in the US, but even in the UK! Anyways, I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Here's Molly by herself <3 Almost too beautiful to stamp over!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Red & Blue Fair Isle Nails

Say hello to my tiny nails! *Hello tiny nails!* I broke my index nail one day AFTER I trimmed my nails short and now all of my nails are teeny tiny. At least my nails grow pretty fast! So I'm trying to do as many holiday manis as I can by Christmas and here's one of the many you'll be seeing over the next week. I used China Glaze Igniting Love and stamped using Winstonia W120 in China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans. Check out that blue! I've been holding out on buying Konad Blue since I know there are other blues to stamp with and I feel like I've found the perfect one!

And just a quick reminder, the MoYou London Pinterest contest is still going on so if you could re-pin and like my photo of my Tiffany inspired present nails I would be really grateful! You can vote here and remember, re-pins are worth double so both are super helpful!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Quadruplet Christmas Nails

Hi friends! I took my last final yesterday so I'm officially on winter break! I have a lot of Christmas stamping plates now and I'm trying to get as many holiday manis done before Christmas to get some use out of them and of course to get in the holiday spirit the way a nail polish addict does so well. I did matching quadruplet nails with a few girls on Instagram. We had to do something in which all of us have the stamping plates and here's what we came up with (acutally Swanette came up with it lol). Tada! This isn't something I would come up with on my own and I thought they came out really cute. I used a ton of stuff!

Index: OPI Jade is the New Black stamped using BM 416 in Konad White.
Middle and Pinky: OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls stamped using BM 423 in Konad Red and Konad Green
Ring: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook stamped using BM 323 in Konad White. The penguin was done with advanced stamping using BM 416.

Whew that was a lot to list! You can check out the other girls Instagram feeds: NailStamp4Fun, NailStampFanatic, MissCelinas

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Serum No. 5--Swatches & Review

Hey lacqueristas! Today I have some Serum No. 5 swatch spam to show you today. Serum No. 5 is an indie brand that is 3-free and all of the polish is hand-mixed in small batches. Every month, Victoria donates 20% of her profits to charity. She specializes in glow-in-the-dark polishes. Today I have her 2013 Holiday Collection and then 2 additional polishes from her core line. I'll show you the 2 non-holiday polishes first and then the 8 from her Holiday Collection.

Day Glow--3 coats. Wow check out the glow on this baby! 

Sky Lights--1 coat over black. 

And now for the holiday polishes:

Friendly Tiffs--3 coats. Slightly gritty formula. 

Snow in Love--3 coats. Such a cute holiday polish and it has a nice, strong glow. 

Luxe So Good--2 coats. Strong linear holo effect. Smooth formula and it could be a one coater if you're careful. 

Gild Free--3 coats. I really love this one!

Girl's BFF--2 coats over OPI Can't Find My Czechbook.

Girl's Gotta Eat--2 over OPI All I Want for Christmas is OPI

Final Countdown--2 coats over black. The glow on this one was the weakest of the bunch.

Holly Dazed--1 coat over white. Easy application, no fishing required.

My favorites are Luxe So Good, Snow in Love, and Gild Free. You can purchase these polishes here from Serum No. 5's online shop. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tiffany & Co. Inspired Present Nails

Good morning! Oh man I'm so glad the weekend is here. This week has been really busy. I finally had some time to do a stamping mani a couple nights ago. I've been doing so many swatches lately that I can't tell you how much I miss stamping--my one true love next to my hubby and nail polish of course! I had this mani all planned out when I first saw this image on a MoYou London plate. I used Essie Where's My Chauffeur and stamped using MoYou London Festive 03 XL in Konad White. The silver texture polish is OPI Liquid Sand It's Frosty Outside. I have one ring from Tiffany & Co. and man that packaging really is gorgeous. If you don't have anything from there, you can always do Tiffany inspired nails!

Also, I entered these into MoYou London's December stamping contest for a chance to win some plates. Please re-pin and like this pin. Re-pins are worth double. You can vote for me by re-pinning and liking HERE. Thanks in advance! <3

Friday, December 13, 2013

Nail Shields & 3D Charms

Happy Friday! I apologize for the lack of posts this week. It's finals week and time just slipped away from me. Today I have some nail shields and 3D charms to show you that Polished by KPT now offers on her online shop. I haven't used nail shields before, but I have always wanted to try them because I love eye-catching nails and these definitely do that. You can use whatever adhesive you decide to apply these. When I use studs, I typically use base coat as my glue and topcoat to go over them, but since these are larger I would use nail glue for adhesive and not topcoat these.

3D oval bezel with colored rhinestones over Polished by KPT Plumeria

Rose Nail Shield (Silver) over Polished by KPT Plumeria

Rose Nail Shield (gold) over Polished by KPT Plumeria


And last but not least, crown and cross 3D charm over Polished by KPT Permanganate. The gold nail has Polished by KPT Liquid Gold.

How'd you like that nail shield spam? I know these are not for everyone and not for everyday use, but if you ever wanted to do a manicure that gets people's attention, these are perfect. You can also reuse these. I really like all of them except the last one. It has the concept of the pierced nail thing which I'm not crazy about. I added links for each item underneath the pics if you're interested in purchasing. What are your thoughts on nail shields and 3D charms?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers Nails

Happy Football Sunday everyone. I've been watching the 49ers play every week, but today is extra special because I'm going to watch them play against the Seattle Seahawks in San Francisco today! It'll be the first football game I attend and I'm super excited. I should really go to sleep now, but I want to share my mani that I just finished! I used Zoya Ziv and did advanced stamping using My Online Shop MJ XXIV in Konad Red filled with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The red nails have OPI The Spy Who Loved Me. This wasn't my first attempt, but I changed it to this because the first mani I did was too busy. I'm really happy with how these turned out!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Picture Polish Believe--Swatch & Review

What's up weekenders? What do you all have planned for this lovely weekend? Tomorrow I'm going to my very first football game--Niners vs Seahawks. I'm really excited and of course I will be working on red and gold 49er nails tonight! Today I have one last Picture Polish to show you that I got for review--Believe. At first, I wasn't very excited to try this one because I'm picky with dark colors, but I was pleasantly surprised with it! It has a dark purple jelly base and teal shimmer.

Here it is at 3 coats plus topcoat. Smooth formula, easy application. 

I've been dying to do some stamping (it's been a whole week), so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. Here it is stamped with Nailz Craze NC 02 in Essie Blue Rhapsody. 

This color actually looked good on my skin tone which I liked, but once I stamped it, I loved it. One thing I didn't mention in my other Picture Polish reviews was that the brush is awesome. It is a little shorter and the bristles are just a tad firm and this led to me having little to no clean up. Well, that's the last of the Picture Polish pretties I have to show you. Next Saturday will be lonely without them =P. You can purchase this polish here for AU$10 which is around $9.11 in USD. Shipping is a bit pricey depending on what country you're from, so if you're in the US like me, you can also check out Llarowe, Overall Beauty, or find a seller in your country on Picture Polish's Network page.