Thursday, August 29, 2013

Born Pretty Store--Stamping Polish Review

Hey loves! Today I have stamping polish from Born Pretty Store to review. Of course you know I love stamping so I was excited to try these polishes out. Their stamping polish set comes with 5 colors: black, white, red, yellow, and blue. I primarily use Konad polish to stamp with, so I created a couple manicures comparing polishes from both brands. Both manicures are shown with topcoat. Let's take a look at the results.

Here's the set of 5 polishes from BPS. The blue polish I got is a sky blue, whereas the one pictured on their website is a dark blue.

Here I used yellow and white from both brands. My index and ring finger are stamped with Konad polishes. The image came out opaque and crisp from my 1st attempt on each finger. I used Born Pretty polishes on my middle and pinky. What is on my middle finger is my 5th attempt and on my pinky is my 2nd attempt. The yellow is barely visible and the formula was thin. The white is opaque, however, it dried so fast and gave me issues when applying the stamp to my nail. When I would roll my stamper over my nail, the image just didn't want to adhere to my nail. 

(stamp is from PUEEN 28)

Here I stamped my index and ring finger with Konad polishes and the images came out opaque and crisp. I stamped my middle and pinky finger with BPS polishes and the results were mixed. The images transferred onto the nail well on the first attempt so there were no issues with application. The black polish actually worked quite nicely--crisp and opaque and remained that way even after topcoat. The red and blue on the other hand are faded and they became even more faded with topcoat. 

(image is from PUEEN 44)

The only polish that impressed me and that I would recommend is the black polish from Born Pretty. It is not as dark as Konad, but I would say it's a good alternative. I would say Born Pretty black special polish ranks just after Konad Black and MASH Black. I did not have any issues with streaking after topcoat and cleanup was a breeze. The white polish was very opaque which I was also impressed by, but it dried so fast that it gave me a lot of difficulty with application. The red, blue, and yellow are not opaque and I wouldn't use these to stamp. You can purchase the set of 5 stamping polishes here for $6.93. Get 10% off your entire order using my coupon code: NV7X31.

Monday, August 26, 2013

OPI My Very First Knockwurst & PUEEN 27

Good morning! Today I have a stamped manicure using one of my new stamping polishes. It feels great to wear a manicure that I got to be creative with and not review a product. Sometimes I feel like I grow apart from my roots (stamping) when I do a lot of reviewing. That's not to say I don't enjoy reviewing products, but I just love myself a nice stamped manicure! For this manicure, I used OPI My Very First Knockwurst and stamped using PUEEN 27 in China Glaze Red-y & Willing. Red-y & Willing is also the color on my index and pinky. It's one of the new polishes from China Glaze's Autumn Nights (Fall 2013) collection. The ones I got from that collection to stamp with are: Scandalous Shenanigans, Tongue & Chic, Don't Make Me Wine, and Red-y & Willing.  I usually ALWAYS buy complete China Glaze collections, but I haven't been impressed with their last 2: On the Horizon or Autumn Nights collection. That's actually kind of good because I have been buying a lot of new MoYou London stamping plates so at least there is balance in the universe (my bank account) lol.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winstonia Store--Nail Foil & 30 Piece Orange Stick Review

Hey everyone! Who else started school this week? My first day back to school is tomorrow. Whomp whomp. I should probably start thinking of a mani for tomorrow. Don't want to start school with naked nails! Anyways, today I have 2 items for review from Winstonia Store: a nail foil and a set of 30 orange wood sticks. The nail foil I received did not come with any nail foil glue because they did not carry that item at the time so mine is applied with topcoat. However, they now carry nail foil glue so just keep that in mind. I'll start off with the nail foil and then talk about the orange sticks.

 Here's my mani with the nail foil. I tried several different basecoats/topcoats, craft glue, wet coat of nail polish and this was the end result. I almost gave up on getting this to apply. It was a pain and I spent a lot of time getting it to look like this. If I ever spend this much time on a mani I usually have a beautiful mani at the end. I wish I could've said the same for this. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not receive nail foil glue, but that item has since been added to their store.

Onto the orange wood sticks!

The set comes with 3 different sizes and a total of 30 sticks.

Here's a watermarble I did using OPI My Vampire Is Buff, OPI Suzi's Hungary Again, and OPI You're Such A Budapest

Here's the orange stick in action for those of you who are new to watermarbling.

Here I used the orange stick to clean up my flooded cuticle when applying polish

Here I used the orange stick to push my cuticles back after applying cuticle remover. 

I was disappointed with how the nail foil worked out. It was my first time using nail foil and I didn't think it was going to be that difficult to work with. I think next time I decide to use nail foil I will only attempt it when I have nail foil glue to use with it. The orange stick set on the other hand was awesome. There was a variety of sizes and they can be used for many different things like watermarbling, cleaning up when applying polish, and cuticle care. I don't think I'll be running out of them anytime soon, but when I do I will definitely order this set. You can purchase the nail foils here for $3.95 per roll. You can purchase the orange stick set here for $2.95. Use code "HEARTNAT" for 10% off of these items until August 31st. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Winstonia Store--3D Nail Art Charms Review

Happy Humpday! Today I have some 3D charms to review from Winstonia Store. I received 2 different designs: heart charms with rhinestones and bow charms with pearls. Check out the super girly manicures I created with them!

Zoya Layla and Color Club Harp On It with 3D heart charms.

China Glaze For Audrey and OPI Liquid Sand Solitaire with 3D bow charms

I applied the charms using topcoat, but if I were to wear them out, I would highly recommend using nail glue instead. Nail glue would help the charms to adhere to the nail better because the charms are large and not all of the bottom surface is flush to the nail. What I did like is that these charms were easy to apply, are super eye catching, and reusable. I will admit that at first when I got them I thought they might be too big, but after putting them on, I really loved how pretty and girly my nails looked. You can purchase a set of 10 3D charms here for $4.95. Use code "HEARTNAT" for 10% off this item until Aug. 31. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Glitter Daze ColorPOP Collection Swatches

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I pretty much just worked on catching up with swatching and reviewing things since I was pretty much just studying the past month and a half. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I got the results from my exam last week and guess what... I passed my NCLEX RN. That means I'm officially a registered nurse! I'm going back to school this week which is a drag, but at least it won't be anything compared to nursing school and I can finally stop studying for that test.

Today I have 6 out of the 10 polishes from Glitter Daze Color POP Collection. I would've chose to review all 10, but like I said, I was busy studying and didn't want to delay this post too much. Glitter Daze Nail Polish is a handmade indie brand of polish made by a lovely lady named Sana. Let's take a look at the pics of her beautiful, glittery creations. All swatches are shown with topcoat.

Jetsetter Lifestyle--3 coats

Icecream for Summer--3 coats

Lei It On Me--1 coat over  China Glaze White Out

Lei It On Me has a milky white jelly base so it can be worn alone or layered over white. 

Summer Sprinkles--1 coat over China Glaze Bottoms Up

A Boardwalk to Remember--1 coat over Color Club Wicker Park

My Private Paradise--1 coat over Essie Under Where

I really enjoyed the 6 polishes I tried from the Glitter Daze ColorPOP Collection. I don't own any polishes like these. The glitter is so unique and bright that it really adds some fun to my nails. The only thing I would say I didn't like is that Jetsetter Lifestyle had a strong smell that made it not as pleasant to use, but the linear holo effect is quite nice so you can say that it's worth it. All of the glitter toppers are literally PACKED with glitter so you don't have to do any fishing. I applied them like I do most glitters, brush some on and kind of dab the brush around to cover up any empty spots. My favorites are the last 4 because the neon glitters are so eye catching and fun to look at on my nails. You can purchase 4 ml bottles for $4.00 or full size 15 ml bottles for $11 here. Big thanks to Sana for letting me review her glittery beauties!

Instagram: @GlitterDaze
Twitter: @GlitterDazeNP

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bundle Monster 48 Piece Nail Art Glitter Collection Review

Hey beauties! Today I have a 48 piece nail art glitter set from Bundle Monster to review. The set I have has 48 bottles of nail glitter, but they offer both 48 and 96 bottle sets on their site. The set comes with a variety of nail art glitter in a variety of colors and shapes including star, hex, diamond, heart, bar, loose, and "fish egg" beads. Let's take a look at what the set comes with and some manicures I created with it. Feel free to click any image to see an enlargement & pretty glitter ;]

China Glaze Are You Jelly with a gradient using loose glitter.

OPI Pink Friday with light pink, medium pink, silver, and green "fish egg" beads for an accent.

China Glaze Liquid Leather and gold holo star glitter.

I really enjoyed creating different manicures using this nail art glitter set. There's so many different kinds of glitter that I don't see myself running out of ideas or glitter anytime soon. For each manicure, all I used to apply the different nail glitter was clear polish--super easy! You can purchase the 48 piece set here for $13.99 or the 96 piece set here for $18.99. 

Check out Bundle Monster on their: