Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winstonia Store--Nail Foil & 30 Piece Orange Stick Review

Hey everyone! Who else started school this week? My first day back to school is tomorrow. Whomp whomp. I should probably start thinking of a mani for tomorrow. Don't want to start school with naked nails! Anyways, today I have 2 items for review from Winstonia Store: a nail foil and a set of 30 orange wood sticks. The nail foil I received did not come with any nail foil glue because they did not carry that item at the time so mine is applied with topcoat. However, they now carry nail foil glue so just keep that in mind. I'll start off with the nail foil and then talk about the orange sticks.

 Here's my mani with the nail foil. I tried several different basecoats/topcoats, craft glue, wet coat of nail polish and this was the end result. I almost gave up on getting this to apply. It was a pain and I spent a lot of time getting it to look like this. If I ever spend this much time on a mani I usually have a beautiful mani at the end. I wish I could've said the same for this. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not receive nail foil glue, but that item has since been added to their store.

Onto the orange wood sticks!

The set comes with 3 different sizes and a total of 30 sticks.

Here's a watermarble I did using OPI My Vampire Is Buff, OPI Suzi's Hungary Again, and OPI You're Such A Budapest

Here's the orange stick in action for those of you who are new to watermarbling.

Here I used the orange stick to clean up my flooded cuticle when applying polish

Here I used the orange stick to push my cuticles back after applying cuticle remover. 

I was disappointed with how the nail foil worked out. It was my first time using nail foil and I didn't think it was going to be that difficult to work with. I think next time I decide to use nail foil I will only attempt it when I have nail foil glue to use with it. The orange stick set on the other hand was awesome. There was a variety of sizes and they can be used for many different things like watermarbling, cleaning up when applying polish, and cuticle care. I don't think I'll be running out of them anytime soon, but when I do I will definitely order this set. You can purchase the nail foils here for $3.95 per roll. You can purchase the orange stick set here for $2.95. Use code "HEARTNAT" for 10% off of these items until August 31st. 


  1. Both of the designs are amazing! I have never used nail foil before but I'll definitely have to try it out now (: great post!

    1. Thanks Ebony! That makes me feel a lot better. Glad you enjoyed the post and good luck with your nail foil mani! =]

  2. You achieved nice result without the nail foil glue, but be sure to use it for the next time, it's a lot easier with it! ;) And the watermarble looks gorgeous, you picked very pretty colors that work together great! :)

  3. Oh foil... I spent literally hours on trying to apply it neatly, almost gave up too! I find some basecoats (I didn't have the glue either) work better than others. I'm sticking with thick Essence polish for foils now, I find it works quite well!

  4. Beautiful designs! The fist one looks like fire, so gorgeous!
    And the pastel is also so pretty, I love them both! <3

  5. Watermarble is so cute! :) Great combination of colours! :)


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