Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bundle Monster 48 Piece Nail Art Glitter Collection Review

Hey beauties! Today I have a 48 piece nail art glitter set from Bundle Monster to review. The set I have has 48 bottles of nail glitter, but they offer both 48 and 96 bottle sets on their site. The set comes with a variety of nail art glitter in a variety of colors and shapes including star, hex, diamond, heart, bar, loose, and "fish egg" beads. Let's take a look at what the set comes with and some manicures I created with it. Feel free to click any image to see an enlargement & pretty glitter ;]

China Glaze Are You Jelly with a gradient using loose glitter.

OPI Pink Friday with light pink, medium pink, silver, and green "fish egg" beads for an accent.

China Glaze Liquid Leather and gold holo star glitter.

I really enjoyed creating different manicures using this nail art glitter set. There's so many different kinds of glitter that I don't see myself running out of ideas or glitter anytime soon. For each manicure, all I used to apply the different nail glitter was clear polish--super easy! You can purchase the 48 piece set here for $13.99 or the 96 piece set here for $18.99. 

Check out Bundle Monster on their:


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