Thursday, June 21, 2012

31 Day Nail Challenge--Day 21: Inspired by a Color

Hey loves. Today's theme is inspired by a color. I ran into the same problem as a lot of other bloggers who have already done the challenge--lack of inspiration! The theme is left to interpretation and I really am a black and white kinda gal. I decided to use the name of a nail polish color as my inspiration. I went with China Glaze Pink Voltage and did some double lightning bolts using the tutorial here from Jane at Nailside. Get it, pink voltage? Lol. The colors I used are China Glaze Pink Voltage, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep, and OPI Black Onyx. I did have an issue doing this mani. Pink voltage is a neon and dried matte. I must have not used topcoat all the way to the sides and when I removed the tape, polish started coming off on the sides =[ Anyways, lesson learned: don't use a matte polish for this tutorial.


  1. In addition to an awesome design, you captured this neon sooo well! Tips on how to photograph neons?

    1. Thanks Marta. Honestly, I am guilty of not knowing how to use all the features on my SLR camera. I use auto mode and flash for all my photos because I have horrible lighting. This is horrible advice. I should just stop LOL.

  2. I love it!! Such a pretty mani!

  3. AWESOME! I love Pink and Black designs.

  4. This is FANTASTIC!!!! Love how crisp the lightening bolt turned out!

  5. Realy nice. I like the lightening bolt too!

  6. I love this! Strikingly gorgeous!


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