Saturday, August 18, 2012

A England Saint George, Princess Sabra, and Dragon Tape Mani

Happy Saturday! I actually didn't even realize it was Saturday until just a little while ago. Oh how I love summer! Today I have a simple tape mani that I did using three A England polishes. I don't know why, but I really just don't want to stamp over any of them. I feel like I'm going to ruin their beauty if I do. Hopefully I will be able to bring myself to try stamping over them sometime. That probably made me sound psycho lol. For this look, I used A England Saint George, Princess Sabra, and Dragon. They're all so beautiful and sparkly!


  1. Oh my.. These photos are some of the first to make me TOTALLY swoon over these polishes. Absolutely gorgeous mani!

  2. ps. just a heads up, we have to go through captchas to leave comments, I had to type in 3 different ones to get the other comment to post :)

    1. Whaaat that's so weird. I remember making my comments for approval, but I don't remember choosing that. Sorry! I just double checked and turned that off =P

  3. this is absolutely amazing!

  4. Omg, beautiful. Less is more so I love mani's like this.


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