Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zoya Purity and FUN2

Hey loves! I'm so bummed this is my very last weekend before school starts again next week. I won't be able to post that often because the nursing program I'm in keeps me super busy, but I promise I will post as often as physically and mentally possible. I think I may actually ask some people to do guest posts, something I have never done before! Anyways, to end my summer right, I wanted to do an awesome mani for you all so I did one I've been putting off--a Louis Vuitton inspired mani! I've used this image before, but with different colors. I used Zoya Purity and stamped using FUN2 in Konad: Yellow, Sky Pearl, Princess Apple Green, Psyche Pink, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Orange Impulse, Lively Lilac, and Presto Pink. If you're interested in purchasing the plate, you can buy it from Ninja Polish or FAB UR NAILS.


  1. Awh how cute!
    I love the logos and i love the colors!
    Love the whole package haha

  2. holy POOP how did you get each dot to be a different color without smearing them all
    girl you cray!
    i love ittttt i want itttt

    1. LOL I tried to make the dots small-medium size and right on top of the little logo things. So happy to know you like it <3

  3. Wow this is amazing! What you did with the colors take real talent and a good eye :)

  4. Colorfull, looks fun, very nice!


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