Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Messy Mansion Stamping Plate Review

Hi loves! I'm sure school is starting up again for a lot of you guys including myself. I started last week, but tomorrow is my first day of nursing school...again. I got my ADN and RN license last year, but now I'm in an RN to BSN program to get my bachelors so I hope this year goes by quick so I can be done with school once and for all!

Today I have 3 stamping plates to review from Messy Mansion. Messy Mansion is an Australian based online shop that carries stamping supplies including different brands of stamping plates to make supplies more available to Aussie gals. Don't worry, if you're not in Australia, shipping is still very affordable at $2.50 for round plate only orders! Julia sent me 3 of her own brand of stamping plates that she designs (Messy Mansion) and 2 Lily Anna plates--another brand she carries on her site. I decided to split them into 2 posts. First up, I have the 3 Messy Mansion plates: MM 29, MM 27, & MM 26.

Here are my scans of the plates. Feel free to click for enlargement. MM29 has a water creature theme (forgive my funky description), MM27 has a fire and ice theme, and MM26 has a present theme. 

I used OPI Can't Find My Czechbook and stamped using MM29 in OPI I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw. The decal was made with MASH Black and Morgan Taylor Candy Coated Coral. I think these are kind of awesome!

The koi fish came out great, but I did have to try a few attempts because parts of the fine lines in the top fin were a bit hard to pick up. I really wanted to make a decal with the woman, but I wasn't sold on how the lines came out. The entire image picks up each time, but the lines on the hair, face, and neck aren't as bold/filled as I prefer them to be. 

Ice nails: Essie Bikini So Teeny stamped using MM27 in Konad White. Fire nails: OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever stamped using MM27 in Konad Red and Konad Yellow. All of these picked up with ease and came out great. 

Here's China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle stamped using MM26 in Konad White. The glitter is China Glaze Glistening Snow. The bows picked up perfectly and also transferred nicely onto the nail.

Here I used another one of the present images to test the fine lines and they all transferred perfectly!

Overall I'm really pleased with the Messy Mansion plates. All of the images transfer nicely and the plates have a nice variety of images to choose from. Although the woman on MM29 didn't pick up to my liking, all of the lines still transfer and you can tell what everything is so it may just be my personal preference. I love that each plate has a theme so you can create a unique mani with just one plate instead of going through several plate collections to do a themed manicure. You can purchase Messy Mansion plates here and don't worry if you're not in Australia, these plates can be shipped internationally! 


  1. Those ice nails tho! Perfect with the periwinkle! And the koi decal is awesome, too.

  2. These plates are lovely and you did such a fantastic job with these manicures! Oh I love them!

  3. Wow. I'm speechless. It's so amazing. I love all of them!! :D

  4. I don't really care for koi fish, but that first mani is absolutely amazing!


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