Saturday, November 15, 2014

OPI Nordic Watermarble

Happy Saturday my friends! I have a quick post for you today as my Saturday is flying by as usual. I swear every weekend I have a whole to-do list and end up lounging around and online shopping and then I end up getting to only 1 or 2 items on my to-do list.

Here I have a water marble accent nail using OPI With a Nice Finn-ish, OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid, OPI Ice-Bergers & Fries, and OPI Going My Way or Nor-Way all from the OPI Nordic Collection. Index and pinky have OPI With a Nice Finn-ish and middle finger has OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid. I used the decal method where you create the design in the water, but instead of dipping your finger in, you let the polish dry for at least 20 minutes, take the whole piece out, cut a piece for your nail and then use like a decal. It definitely has a learning curve, but I will be trying out that method again! See you all next week with a review of gel polish--my second experience with gel ever.

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