Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bundle Monster Creative Art Polish--Review

Well hello Saturday! Today I'll be reviewing Bundle Monster Creative Art Polishes that are made for stamping. I received set 4--six metal foil finish polishes.

I stamped BM Villian over gel and top coated with regular polish. Once I added topcoat, Villian bled. I would imagine if I stamped over regular polish, it would have bled even more. This is the same thing that happens when stamping with Kleancolor polish.

I stamped using BM Chaos. My Christmas tree image came out with fuzzy edges.

Here's my stamper after using Villian and Chaos--stained.

It was difficult to pick up a whole image. This looks like when a stamper needs to be primed and it happened with most of my attempts. 

Still not a perfect image, but this was one of my better attempts at picking up the polish.

Here is the same image and stamper with a Mundo de Unas polish after one attempt.

My final thoughts: I really wanted to like these polishes since the set has great colors and I love having a variety of stamping polish, but I will probably not be using these again. The formula is thin for a stamping polish, bled, stained my stamper badly, and was difficult to pick up. You can purchase this set here for $21.99. 

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