Friday, May 6, 2016

Madam Glam Gel Matte Top Coat Review

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'll be reviewing a gel matte top coat from Madam Glam. It comes in a different bottle than their regular SOG's. It's a cylindrical bottle shape and it's 10ml instead of the usual 15ml. Here I used Madam Glam gel Cherry Party and stamped using MoYou London Mandala 02 in Mundo de Unas Black.

I used 1 coat of top coat on my nails that I didn't stamp and 3 coats on my stamped nails (I always topcoat before stamping and do 2 after to protect the design). Don't do what I did. I had THE. HARDEST. TIME. removing this mani! The nails I topcoated once took about twice as long as it usually takes me, but the ones with 3 coats of TC were not budging and I had to scrape and file off.

Aside from my removal nightmare, the formula was pretty thick. It felt like a glue type of consistency and it took a little effort to work with it. The matte effect looked great though! If I were to use this again I would definitely just do 1 coat of this topcoat and that's it (and I'd probably have to go sans nail art). You can purchase this product here for $19.95.

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