Monday, October 17, 2016

OPI GelColor Galaxy Nails

Hey friends! Today I have some galaxy nails I'm quite proud of. I've been wanting to try out different methods with gel for awhile now, but I've been too chicken to try anything like a gradient in case it got all over the sides of my nails and skin. I decided to try out galaxy nails since I use a smaller piece of sponge and have less of a chance of getting gel on my skin.

I sponged on random spots using OPI GelColor Give Me Space, Oh My Majesty, Cosmo with a Twist, I'm in the Moon for Love, Let Your Love Shine and stamped using PUEEN 75 in Mundo De Unas White.

It doesn't look like I used all of those polishes, but it was really hard to photograph! I did my right hand first and sponged on the gel heavier, but thought it was going to look like too much and went lighter on my left hand. I should've just sponged on more. I'll do that next time since I finally got out of my comfort zone with gel.

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