Wednesday, May 25, 2011

China Glaze Papaya Punch & Sally Hansen Vintage Violet Crackle Overcoat

I didn't know what color to use with SH Vintage Violet Crackle, but I decided to use China Glaze Papaya Punch because my fiancee keeps telling me to do Phoenix Suns nails. I figured using orange polish and purple crackle would be super easy to get it out of the way haha. I LOVE CG Papaya Punch. I just got it in my haul yesterday and I'm so glad I tried it out already. It's such a beautiful bright tangerine creme color. I was worried it would dry matte, but it dries shiny, and fast! The Vintage Violet Crackle on the other hand, I wasn't too crazy about. From all the crackles I've used, this one is my least favorite. I think the shimmer in the formula had something to do with it. During application, the polish dried so fast on the nail and on my brush that it was becoming kinda goopy. I guess it looks decent, but I don't like how I got such an uneven application. Yay or nay on Vintage Violet?

No topcoat.

Pretty blue shimmer inside.


  1. The purple shatter looks pretty in the bottle but IMO it applies too shiney and sheer for a crackle. Good choice of colours though :-)

  2. I agree, way too sheer! Thanks!

  3. I love the colour combo you'v used!
    Btw you have a blog award from me waiting for you on my page =)

  4. @nail crazy: Thank you!
    @Sara: What?! Thanks so much, I'm totally going to check it out now =]


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