Sunday, July 10, 2011

China Glaze Recycle and BM 210

Here's Merinna's mani I also did last week. It came out nicely, but it wasn't our initial idea. She wanted me to use the feather stamp, but for some reason it wasn't picking up correctly, and she wanted me to stamp in red, but even my Konad red didn't show up much over the grey. Anyways, this was the closest image to the feathers. Merinna used China Glaze Recycle as a base. I stamped using BM 210 and Konad Yellow.


  1. this is really cute :D love you color choice ^^

  2. i still crave this color - recycle is one polish that i do not have but want it soooo badly i could cry! hahaha and i LOVE the gray and yellow - thats the wedding colors i want to use!!

  3. Looks wonderful!


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