Friday, July 1, 2011

Yay for Awards!

I've received a lot of awards these past couple weeks and I've taken so long to get around to them, but better late than never, right?!

I received the Sunshine Award from Diana at Dutch DianaNails and NonsenseThe Manicured Monkey, Sara at Sara's Pretty Little Things

The rules are as followed:

- Thank the person who gave you this award
- Write a post about it
- Answer the questions below
- Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them message to let them know.

The questions:
  1. Favorite color: I really like yellow and green. I can't pick one! 
  2. Favorite animal: Giraffe
  3. Favorite number: 24
  4. What perfume am I using right now? None
  5. Something you always wear with you and identifies you: My engagement ring. In 2 weeks I get to add the wedding band! =]
  6. What’s your passion? Isn't everyone going to answer this the same? Nail polish and nail art, duh!
  7. Getting or giving presents? I'm going to have to be honest and say getting. I don't mind giving presents, but I kinda suck at deciding on something good to get for other people.
  8. What was the last eyeshadow you used? I never use eye shadow.
  9. Favorite day of the week:  Whenever my fiancee has his days off haha. Usually it's been Monday and Tuesday.
  10. Are your nails painted right now? Yes, as always! That will sadly all change when I start a nursing program in September ='[
I received the Top 10 Award from Sarahlouise at Spellbinding Nails, Stephanie at So Nailed

I have received this one a couple times before so forgive me for not answering the questions again =P


I'm not really sure what to call this award, but I received this lovely award from Sara at Sara's Pretty Little Things


And lastly I received the Liebster Blog Award from Alexis and Summer at Groupie Glam

Thanks so much to everyone, it's wonderful knowing how many people enjoy and recognize my blog. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone who gave me an award, but I'm pretty sure I got everyone. <3


  1. aww!! youre welcome! nursing program?! so now nail polish will be a weekend only thing?! SAD!

  2. Yup, probably only weekends =[ I know right, I'm totally bummed about it!

  3. Congratulations! Super cool :-)

  4. Congrats! You deserve them all =]


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