Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching Fire Inspired Nails

Hi friends! I was trying to go to sleep right now, but I can't. Partially because I took a caffeine pill this morning to stay awake to do homework and partially because I'm too excited to share this mani with you. I finished reading Catching Fire about a week ago so I could finish it before the movie comes out. If I could do freehand nail art, I would've drawn a mockingjay pin, but since I can't I got creative. I decided to do a mani inspired by Katniss's wedding dress she wore in her interview before the Hunger Games. I used so many polishes for this mani I don't think you want to know, but I'll go ahead and tell you anyways.

For my index and middle I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and stamped using MoYou London Pro 06 XL in Essie No Place like Chrome. On my ring finger I did a gradient first using creme polishes and then with some shimmery polishes. The colors I used are: OPI All I Want for Christmas is OPI, OPI My Paprika is Hotter than Yours, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, China Glaze Bend over Backwards, China Glaze Riveting, and OPI Oy Another Polish Joke. I stamped using MoYou London Pro 05 XL in Konad Black. My pinky has OPI Liquid Sand Emotions.

Whew that was a lot of polish! That might be a record for me for most polishes used in one manicure lol. I'm going to watch the movie on my birthday this Sunday. Can't wait! Who else is going to watch Catching Fire this weekend?


  1. love it! I can't wait to see Catching Fire. i'm waiting until next weekend when the theaters won't be so busy.

  2. Very pretty skittlette... Love the silver/white nails! ♥

  3. Love the mani! The movie was so good!

  4. Awesome! Hope you loved the movie! I though it was perfect!!


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