Monday, December 5, 2011

OPI Your Royal Shine-ness and OPI Black Onyx Half Moonicure

This mani is from about a month ago, but I wasn't loving how it turned out and the pics are pretty dark because of the ugly weather, but I've finally decided to post it lol. I know it's not my best, but at least I tried something new! I used binder paper hole reinforcements. The only ones at the store were the plastic ones and I do NOT recommend using them because they really don't want to conform to your nail shape. Anyways here it is! Sorry for the tip wear, I decided to take the pics 5 days after wearing it =P Oh yea, I used a matte topcoat on these right before I took it off and it looked much nicer, but I unfortunately didn't take pics of it.


  1. oooh i liked these! ill did similar look that i will be posting about soon!

  2. this is sooo pretty! i love how it looks

  3. i love this look - i gave you an award, your tagged in my newest post!

  4. Hey hun! It was really nice meeting you today :) super random but awesome!!

  5. @Littlemonster: aww thanks so much!! I will check it out =]
    @beanie: thank you!
    @Yasmin: OMG I know it was so exciting! You're the first blogger & follower I've met =]


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