Sunday, June 12, 2011

OPI My Private Jet Swatch

First off, I just want to apologize for my absence these past few days. I had an eye infection last week that led to these massive headaches. I ended up getting a CT scan, which came back negative (phew!) and I was prescribed vicodin. The medication has been kicking my butt, but helping, and I'm glad to be back!

Now onto nail polish! I picked this one up last week from my haul at US Nails Supply and I'm so happy that I did. It's a charcoal that has a chocolate tint to it at certain angles and it's packed with holo glitter! I can say for the first time, I couldn't stop staring at my nails. This is kinda pic heavy, but it was hard to photograph. All photos can be enlarged.

Here it looks charcoal...

...and then here it has a chocolate hue.
Looks charcoal colored...

...looks chocolate colored.

And guess what?! My fiancee is taking me to US Nails Supply this week and he'll buy me whatever I want. I'm so excited =] Anyone have suggestions of colors I should get? I don't have much on my wishlist right now. I don't own any Essie or Color Club (except for Covered in Diamonds) and I think I may want to get some of those to add to my collection.


  1. i am jealous that you get to go back and your fiancee is going to buy you stufffff
    i miss having a boyfriend to buy me things... lol

  2. Excellent choice on fiance's! Essie Chinchilly is a fantastic color IMO (I have 10 chinchillas as pets lol!) Color Club Worth the Risque is gorgeous if you can get it and Rebecca from Rebecca likes nails just posted some Color Club Catwalk Queen swatches and the set namesake Catwalk Queen is to die for! I immediately added it to my wish list. I don't know if they have the OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam sets there but if they do the Grape Set Match and Servin Up Sparkle set is so yummy--not sure if it's out yet though

  3. i went on opi serena williams glam sets...well only the one with the red shatter. no grape set match. i want it too!

    i got a bunch of color club while i was there. let me know when you go. maybe we can meet up!

  4. Isn't this colour a beauty? One of my top faves!!!! Looks stellar on you! If you can snatch up a bottle of Essie "demure vixen" you must! ;)

  5. @Rebecca: LOL you're silly!

    @Laurie: Thanks so much for the suggestions! I do want that grape set match thing, but yea, doubt it's there. If it is though, totally getting it! Haha.

    @Jacqueline: haha that's so funny you're probably there all the time! Thanks for the heads up so I don't get my hopes up. I think I'm going tomorrow like 11:15am ish. I'm going after this nursing thingie I have at EVC. Maybe I'll see you there ;]

    @Marta: Yes totally! Thank you! It was funny, I walked out of the store when I was done and then had a change of heart and went back in to buy this one.

  6. Haha you're going again? I'm sooo jealous! I suggest looking online at random swatches and make a list. Also, I have a lot of color club on my page so you can take a look. Also, ask the guy for Revvvolution! I'm sure they have it! When i was there, it was on the bottom left corner of the rack in the middle of the left room.

  7. get all the color club you can. i diessss for color club. i swatched 3 of their collections on my blog. like laurie said, catwalk queen is awesome!

  8. Cool thanks so much for everyone's help! I'll definitely look at your blogs tonight since I'm finally able to use the computer again. Last week using it made me so nauseous!

  9. Definitely Color Club! :) So jealous.

  10. Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better! I haven't done a whole mani with MPJ yet, but I did stamp with it! It works really well for stamping. :)

  11. You deff should get some color clubs. Must have collections are poptastic, wicked sweet, Starry temptress, catwalk queen, Alter ego!

    Essies : turquoise and caicos, Lapis of luxury, bermuda shorts, punchy pink, funky limelight, blue and borrowed, mint candy apple, ruby slippers, splash of grenadine.

    Ok i think thats it lol.. Those are my favs!

  12. @A Polished Touch: Thanks, I so did today!

    @Amber: Aww thanks! Cool gotta try it sometime!

    @Shadow: I actually looked up swatches of all the Essies you recommended me, and they were all really nice, but the Essie selection sucked I didn't see any you mentioned =[ And thanks for telling me about Poptastic, I'm in love!


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