Sunday, June 5, 2011

Orly Cosmic FX Galaxy Girl Swatch

Galaxy Girl is another dark polish from this collection that I'm not very fond of. It may just be my least favorite of them all. I don't know, I guess there just wasn't anything really special about this one to make me like it. It has a plum base with blue glitter. I used 3 coats, no topcoat. It was quite difficult for me to photograph this one. I'm debating whether or not I should get/build a lightbox. Do many of you nail bloggers out there use a lightbox, do you recommend using one? Well off to bed, tomorrow I have to go to an orientation for the nursing program I will be starting in September. Wish me luck!

How the polish looks in the bottle.
Oh yea, after orientation I'm going on a nail polish haul adventure! I heard of this store called US Nails Supply where O.P.I. are $4.25 each, China Glaze are $3 each (only $2.75 if you buy 10 or more), Essie is $3.50, so forth. Basically I'm gonna try not to go nuts there, I'll post some pics =]


  1. Awesome polish! I love US Nail Supply! You are going to be overwhelmed with the amazement of their selection and prices. They recently got Color Club as well ^^ I'm looking forward to your post about your experience :)

  2. I really like vampy colours so i'm loving this =]
    I dont use a light box but have thought about it... if I can be bothered i'l make one lol
    And OMG you US gals are soooo damn LUCKY!!! I wish we had a store/site like that over here =(((
    Can't wait to read about your haulage =]

  3. I still can't decide whether I need this one or not. Durn it!

    I wish U.S Nail Supply had an online store, sadly they are only a B&M store in Cali. Good Luck!!

  4. oooh very pretty varnish, I also love the length of your nails, x

  5. @Yasmin: How cool you must be pretty close to me! I was definitely overwhelmed. I will have to make another trip sometime, but maybe I shouln't go too soon ;]

    @Sara: I'm so glad someone likes it! LOL there's the word I need, Vampy. I took lots of pics to show you guys!

    @Loodie: If you like dark colors, it is beautiful. All of the polishes from the collection I think are worth owning.

    @Nicole: Thanks and thanks again! You're the first person to tell me that about the length of my nails =] Sadly in a few months I'll have to cut them all when I start that nursing program.


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