Thursday, May 26, 2011

OPI Last Friday Night & Sally Hansen Distressed Denim Crackle Overcoat

I've been having so much fun this week playing with all my new crackle polishes! I chose the combo today because my sister suggested I do it, so I did haha. I love how this turned out, I'm not super crazy about blue, but I really liked this one. I used 4 coats of O.P.I. Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection for the base color. It's really sheer no matter what, I'd probably only wear it as a layering polish, or under blue crackle of course.
Outdoors with flash.

Indoors with flash.

This is very close to the true color of the crackle.

Closeup of how well the Distressed Denim cracked.
I was so pleased with the formula of this one! It was easy to apply and it cracked great, much better than the Vintage Violet one I used yesterday, which was also from Sally Hansen. IRL, this blue crackle is fairly dark and matches the color of the polish as it shows up in the bottle. It is not opaque, but I kind of like it because it won't completely cover up whatever base you decide to use with it.


  1. Ooh I ♥ it! =) Looks so icy and cool!

  2. The opi colour is so pretty . Love glitter nail polishes:)

  3. oooooh that looks awesome! i need the blueeeee

  4. and by "the blue" i meant "the blue crackle" hahaha

  5. Ooo, I need to try this! And, I have both polishes, so I should! lol. It really looks amazing! :)

  6. wow!! I did the samething 2 days ago after I seen this combo from The Nailphiles. I love it that I actually wear till today!

  7. @everyone: Thank you!
    @Rebecca: Lol I figured you meant the crackle
    @Shadow: Too bad mine was only a test so I only got to wear it for like 10 minutes for pics =|


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