Monday, May 30, 2011

Reggae Inspired Nails

I've done gradient nails before, but it wasn't anything spectacular. After learning a few tips from Rebecca at Rebecca Likes Nails, I really wanted to try it again. The link to her gradient tutorial is here. I don't know if you'd call this gradient because the colors don't exactly "blend" together, but it's the same procedure. I first painted all my nails with one coat of China Glaze in Hey Sailor. Then I sponged on China Glaze in Happy Go Lucky. The last color I used to sponge was China Glaze in Starboard. Lastly, I stamped using BM 208 with Konad black. I wanted to use zebra print pretty bad, but I wanted to change it up a little since I try not to copy people's nails exactly, even when I give credit. It just feels a little weird. Ok anyways, I LOVE how this turned out! I'm totally going to do this more often!

Don't mind my thumb. I forgot to sponge all the way to the sides and only noticed it after pics.


  1. That looks so awesome! I love the colors and stamp choice!

  2. These turned out really nice. I really like the use of colours and the stamp really goes well with the reggae theme :-)

  3. i'm happy the tutorial helped!
    very reggae! haha. awesome.

  4. Thanks! You guys are the best I love reading your comments <3 I know right, it kinda reminds me of graffiti for some reason.


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